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Another “mmmm”…

I know, someone wants to be there instead of that dude… ;) (Drew Hall, the director of the movie “Convergence” we’re gonna see soon, I hope…)


On the set of “Baby”...

It saddens me and sometimes I even hate the fact he has no any fan base, just several single fans/admirers scattered over the world never band together to show support and appreciation.

Attention easily stolen from him by other “more popular” persons when they are in the same projects. He is so often underestimated and disregarded… That’s unfair!

Well, that doesn’t bother him, I believe. And that would be right. He just lives his full happy life, does what he loves to do and has fun. 

But if he does get a less or more numerous fan base THAT could rather become a bother (I don’t know, but fame is a burden, however you’re gotta be ready for that) and I would also regret that, annoyed beholding all those drooling delusional fans.

Anyway… looking at other fan bases, even with a bunch of stuff in those really irritating me, but it does sadden me that he doesn’t get in full deserved attention and support…


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